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Making wisdom matter

Bringing forth the lived experiences and sacred stories of our elders.

At SageArts we believe in the power of story and the arts to bring people together. We start with the creative process, pairing writers, singer/songwriters, and film-makers with elders in our community to create inspired works of performed art that reflect the richness of each elder’s life and character, and we finish the process with a final performance and celebration, inviting the community to take part in a transformative experience to remember.

I didn’t push anything away. I embraced the reality of my life—even the unpleasant.
— Carlo Travaglia
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Carlo Travaglia, 90

Renowned sculptor, painter, architect, and renovator.

Featured appearances:

  • Songs of Our Elders Concert, June, 2015

In Carlo’s Words:

When I first met Dave, the singer/songwriter, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Neither of us had done this before. But we trusted Colette, and we trusted the process. We spent Wednesdays at the kitchen table talking, sharing the stories of our lives. It didn’t take long to find the focus of my story and song. Though my life is marked by so many fortunate experiences, I had a lot of unresolved issues with my father and a lot of anguish about my childhood. Telling my story was nothing short of cathartic. In fact, it was so inspiring, I’m now writing a memoir.

See and hear Carlo honored in song, “I Had Plans for You” written with Dave Kearney

I liked the idea that I was an elder—that I had wisdom worth sharing.
— Lois Linet
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Lois Linet, 74

Artist and educator.

Featured appearances:

  • Woodstock Elders Concert, 2016

In Lois’s Words:

Working with Kelleigh was such a pleasurable experience. Therapeutic, even. I gave her glimpses into my past and she asked just the right questions that allowed me to see my life story through a different prism. I try to keep myself open to what the world provides, not knowing where it leads. I wanted to bring more music into my life and, suddenly, SageArts gave me the opportunity to do that. The experience was so transformative, I became part of the SageArts Board. I’m also leading a project to connect young children to positive stories of elders through our local libraries.

No matter what I set my mind to, I’m going to do it, whatever it is.
— Darlene Pfeiffer
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Darlene Pfeiffer, 81

Entrepreneur and philanthropist

Featured appearances:

  • Carrying the Torch: Songs of Remarkable Women and Female Wisdom

In Darlene’s Words:

I don’t think of myself as old. In fact, I think of myself as young, both mentally and physically. I’ve lived a very productive life as an entrepreneur and philanthropist, and I still have a lot to do and a lot to give to help others—women, in particular—create and live productive lives. Sage Arts is dedicated to changing public perceptions of what it means to grow older by focusing not on age, but on wisdom. They do it by sharing the stories of earned knowledge and experience in a novel way that benefits the entire community. That’s something I wanted to support as a participant, and that I continue to support as a benefactor.

The best classroom in the world is at the feet of an elderly person.
— Andy Rooney

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