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Our partnership with Sage Arts allows us to give a voice to Holocaust survivors.
— Elise Gold
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Elise Gold

Executive Director, Jewish Family Service of Orange County

Featured appearances:

  • Honoring Holocaust Survivors: A Concert of Resilience and Hope, 2019

In Elise’s Words:

We’re a small agency, but we do big work. And the way to do big work is to partner with other agencies. We wanted to tell the stories of Holocaust survivors in our communities in an innovative and self-sustaining way, and SageArts was the perfect partner. We provided access to our Jewish elders and funding through one of our grants. They provided singer/songwriters, music producers, and event managers. Together, we created an experience that honored the stories and lives of our survivors, yet lives on as a cherished archive.

We meet where they are, and where I am. What we bring to the moment is what we bring to the music.
— Elizabeth Clark
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Elizabeth Clark

Harpist, vocalist, songwriter, world traveler.

Featured appearances:

  • Woodstock Elders Concert, 2016

  • Unsung Heroes Concert – A Musical Celebration of Elder Farmers, 2016

  • Carrying the Torch Concert – Songs and Tales of Remarkable Women, 2017

  • Honoring Holocaust Survivors: A Concert of Resilience and Hope, 2019

In Elizabeth’s Words:

I’ve worked with several elders, and no two experiences are alike—the people, the stories, the performance. Interestingly, each person I’ve met showed up when I could learn from their story. I think our society is missing so much wisdom that comes from living a long life, and music is a powerful way to bring those lessons forward. Nobody walks away from a performance unchanged. Not the song-writers. Not the elders. Not the witnesses. The lessons are received in such a way that we carry them with us. To navigate our own lives.

Everybody has a good story in them. Just give me five minutes and I’ll find it.
— Michael Yonchenko
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Michael Yonchenko

Film-maker, Community-Builder

Featured appearances:

  • TBD

In Michael’s Words:

I love learning about people. The first thing I did when I moved from California to the Hudson Valley was go to the local farmer’s market. That was a place to really meet people, to tell them who I am and what I do. Shortly after, I met the mayor of Red Hook. He wanted to produce a video about a project to rebuild the water system in the village. It was a no-brainer. After that, I helped local highschool students tell the stories of local elders for the Red Hook oral history project. When I heard about the work Sage Arts was doing, I knew I wanted to get involved. I’m now partnering with SageArts, the Hudson Valley oral history project, and Upstate Films to bring the stories of our elders to life and share them with the community.